Financial Freedom Project

Dumisani Mbebe

Name: Dumisani Mbebe
Age: 35

Dumi is the financial manager and he is very anal about investing, saving and budgeting.

He can afford insurance already and will invest and compare different insurance options when he decided to buy his new car. He will be in a car crash, and we will go through the process with him of claiming from insurance, medical aids etc. He also gives a personal loan to Louis the security guard at the company.  He invests in livestock and insures his livestock with an insurance company. Something will happen to the livestock and he would have to claim. He helps out our friends and is always the one providing useful tips.

He falls in love with Gloria who he helps throughout the episodes with saving and investment advice.

He does not like Khanyisa’s carefree approach to credit and her finances so they usually don’t see eye to eye on financial issues.