Managing Your Money

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Financial literacy teacher training and classroom resource project

In collaboration with the National Department of Education, and with the close collaboration with each of the nine Provincial Departments of Education, Bright Media developed a proposal to address the critical need for Financial Capability development in South African youth, thriugh the Maths Literacy materials as well as an extensive face-to-face training element: Managing Your Money Grades 10, 11 and 12.

This project ensures reach to young adults and therefore reach will be achieved by targeting the general population at SA schools, but depth is achieved as the materials are written within the curriculum, and therefore the content is mediated by the teachers, within the classroom, within the curriculum. Follow-through is ensured by classroom use of the programme.

Working with the formal education structures is essential in a procject that works with school children. This project has received the unconditional support of both the National and Provincial Departments of Education, and will be rolled out to all schools in South African in the next phases. We have printed 16 000 resource packs (see sample Managing Your Money files containing multimedia CD Rom, posters, curriculum aligned materials that succeeded in achieving the aims of both Government and the users of the materials in real communities of a diverse nature in South Africa. This project was implemented with the support of Dr Nduna-Watson (Director: FET Curriculum on commencement of the project in 2008) and then Project Managed with Mr Thomas Masango (Head of Mathematical Literacy) from 2008 - 2011. We have worked with all of the nine provinces, and can ensure the correct stakeholder team to be used for each subject focus and provincial implementation.

The materials and training are researched, written in plain, clear, accessible language in the topic of financial literacy, within the National Curriculum Statement and within the subject area and relevant grade. For Managing Your Money, the subject most suited was Mathematical Literacy Grade 10, 11 and 12. The content development process is to design accessible, curriculum-related content to include design and illustration elements like illustrations, tables, as well as activities that are written with a teacher audience in mind, addressing the new CAPS curriculum and all the requirements for teaching, such as time and focus.

The training materials were developed for the FET level teacher, who may be new to the subject. So subject knowledge was assumed and all answers were shown with full mathematical workings to assist the teacher. The language was edited for the English second language audience, with emphasis on the full content, but explained clearly.

The materials were trialled with a target group of Maths teachers to ensure they are appropriate. Our team of trainers are skilled and professional, and monitored by accredited assessors and moderators, accredited with the SETA. We have trained over 8000 teachers in this project, and the estimated reach for the face-to-face training is, should they teach only one class of 40 learners in each of the 3 grades, estimated reach of over 960 000 learners. The actual number may far exceed this, based on learner numbers at this phase. The printed copies will potentially reach double this number, as 15 000 and 20 000 copies were printed, reaching far more classrooms and learners than the individual teachers trained.

References: Contact Ms Viviene Pearson, SAIA and Mr Michael McCann Mutual and Federal Dr Nduna Watson; Mr Haroon Mohamed, Mr Thomas Masango