Justice Educational Projects

Maintenance Multimedia

Bright Media has always been passionate about the issue of justice. There are a large number of queries, confusion, and undue time and effort spent, with little real success for the children who need to be supported by their parents.  Ingrid Bruynse has personally developed the concept of Maintenance Multimedia, sought funding through the Open Society Foundation, and piloted the animated episodes in the Family Court in Johannesburg as a pilot.The current figures for a “success rate' for maintenance applicants of only 16% in Johannesburg Family Court. The DOJCD is in the process of contracting the full roll-out to all courts in South Africa.

The mass media are powerful. They also reach those who are illiterate and can reach in the language of the audience. Media can be used for social change very successfully using an edutainment approach.Maintenance Multimedia is a project that uses multilingual animation episodes and printed posters to send messages to the target audience on the core messages – (who gets maintenance, who pays, how to ensure this), and using the edutainment approach of animated and comic type situational dramas to change behaviour.  Our project  increases knowledge about maintenance, changes behaviour for applicants and persons who should pay maintenance, provide accurate knowledge and moral support for applicants for maintenance for the people for those most in need, and an improved process for ensuring that the justice system is more accessible.

This project improves awareness of the process of applying for maintenance, and attempts to alleviate the poverty levels in our country by encouraging those who CAN pay, to pay for their children, so correcting the personal levels of support for those individual children and spouses who are legally entitled to support from their families, and lightening the load on the state as a provider of child care grants, when there are people legally obligated to pay, who can pay, and who simply don’t pay.